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Cat Filters For Sale In OK & TX

Your machines get dirty. They work in rugged outdoor environments like construction sites, mines, forests and fields. Filters ensure the dirt and debris around your equipment doesn’t enter the fuel, oil, air supply, hydraulics or transmission. When these internal components stay clean, your equipment will operate more efficiently, more relaibly and longer.

Top-quality filters provide consistent performance and lasting protection to help keep your valuable equipment running strong. We here at Warren CAT provide a full range of exceptional Cat equipment and services in West Texas and Oklahoma. We sell various filters, including Cat fuel, air, oil, hydraulic and transmission filters. Get filters for any equipment you operate and keep your fleet in top condition. Whether you’re replacing an original filter or an “off-brand” product, our parts experts make it easy to get exactly what you need.


Varieties of Filters We Sell

Other filters may have a close fit, but only a genuine Cat filter is engineered, built and tested to the exact specifications of your Cat machines. These original equipment manufacturer parts were built with your Cat equipment in mind, meaning they offer excellent performance benefits. Our quality filters optimize performance, allowing you to do more work faster. They also extend engine life by reducing wear from stray dirt particles.

We carry an extensive parts inventory, and you can save time by buying online. We have most filters in stock, meaning our team can fulfill most orders within 24 hours. You can get many filter types from us:

Cat Oil Filters

Warren CAT offers standard, advanced and ultra high-efficiency (UHE) filters to protect engines from harmful contaminants. Cat engine oil filters maximize engine and oil cleanliness, exceed standard maintenance intervals and increase performance while protecting components.

  • Cat standard-efficiency engine oil filters: Normal duty filtration, available for all Cat and many Allied equipment models.
  • Cat advanced high-efficiency engine oil filters: Engineered for tougher fuel contamination challenges, offering advanced protection, performance and fuel economy.

Cat Fuel Filters

Cat fuel filters are essential for preventing oil clogging and keeping out harmful workplace debris such as dirt, dust and rust. Warren CAT offers standard, advanced and UHE filters designed to keep fuel flowing properly and engines performing to their full potential. Cat fuel filters provide a perfect fit for Cat equipment, capture small damage-causing particles that other filters miss and protect fuel injectors, fuel pumps and critical engine parts.

  • Cat standard-efficiency engine fuel filters: Normal duty filtration, available for all Cat and many Allied equipment models.
  • Cat advanced high-efficiency fuel filters: Engineered for maximum performance and fuel economy in diesel engines while removing more than 98 percent of particles 4 microns or larger.
  • Cat fuel water separators: Remove more than 98 percent of particles 10 microns or larger, eliminating virtually all free water and more than 87 percent of emulsified water while reducing fuel injector failure rates and extending fuel injector life.
  • Cat coolant conditioner filters: Prevent corrosion, cavitation and erosion throughout the year.

Cat Air Filters

We carry both Cat engine and cabin air filters to protect machines and the people who operate them from hazardous contaminants. Our OEM engine air filters provide the highest level of protection for critical engine parts while boosting performance. Genuine Cat air filters eliminate most airborne irritants, providing a healthier and safer working environment for operators while maximizing component life and engine performance.

  • Cat standard-efficiency radial seal air filters: Normal duty filtration, designed for larger capacity and longer service life.
  • Cat ultra high-efficiency radial seal air filters: Engineered with super-fast efficiency rate to protect against sharp abrasive particles and ideal for applications where fine dust particles or high amounts of exhaust soot are prevalent.

Cat Hydraulic and Transmission Filters

Warren CAT has the expertise to match the right filter to your specific hydraulic and transmission system. We carry standard, advanced and UHE filters to meet the needs of diverse applications. Cat hydraulic and transmission filters maximize system cleanliness, protect the transmission by minimizing cold-start bypass, capture particles that damage hydraulics and boost overall power and performance.

  • Cat standard-efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters: These filters offer normal-duty filtration.
  • Cat advanced high-efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters: This category provides advanced protection against contaminant introduction during maintenance or repair and protects hydraulic and drive train systems against accelerated wear.
  • Cat ultra high-efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters: Engineered super-fine synthetic media removes a higher proportion of very small and larger particles for optimum contamination control.

The Warren CAT Difference

We are more than a parts supplier. Warren CAT offers sales, rentalsparts and services, making us an all-in-one source for your heavy equipment needs. We’ll assess your requirements to ensure you get the right filtration and lubrication efficiency, enabling your equipment to get the job done. We also provide maintenance programs to assist you in managing tasks like filter replacements. Customize a Planned Maintenance (PM) Kit based on your fleet and desired maintenance level and receive all the necessary components in one convenient package.

Beyond those advantages, we also offer benefits like:

  • Service record since 1971
  • Experienced product experts
  • Locations across West Texas and Oklahoma
  • Millions of parts available
  • Focus on customer satisfaction

As an authorized Cat dealer, we also have the backing of a respected manufacturer offering additional benefits like equipment with more uptime, increased efficiency and added profitability.

Cat Filters for Sale at Warren CAT

Pick up an air, oil, hydraulic, transmission or fuel filter for a Cat machine or power system from Warren CAT in West Texas and Oklahoma. Browse to purchase or stop by the nearest location for assistance from our product experts.