Cat® Industrial Engines in OK & TX


Power, Reliability, Durability, Fuel efficiency. These days, it’s critical to the success of your operations that your industrial engines deliver in each of these four areas. Warren CAT offers a wide selection of Cat engines that help you maximize performance and minimize costs. That’s exactly what Caterpillar® has been doing for businesses like yours for more than 75 years.

Cat Engines: All the Power You Need to Get the Job Done

Warren CAT knows each industrial application has its own unique power needs. That’s why we offer medium-speed and high-speed Cat industrial engines with power options ranging from 8 – 4.900 bkW (11-6,700 bhp). Whether your operation is mining, agriculture, construction, oil and gas, or material handling, there’s a Cat engine to match your specific requirements.

There’s Nothing More Reliable Than a Cat Engine

 All the power in the world means little if it’s not where you need it when you need it. In addition to their brute strength, Cat engines are known for their unparalleled dependability. Cat industrial engine owners have peace of mind knowing their engine won’t let them down, regardless of the operating conditions. It’s that legendary Caterpillar reliability that gives you one less thing to worry about.

Built to Last with Superior Fuel Efficiency

It’s no accident that Caterpillar has been the worldwide industrial engine leader for decades. Cat engine owners everywhere understand that when they buy a Cat, they’re getting an engine that stands the test of time. In many instances, the skilled Warren CAT factory technicians can rebuild an aging engine to give it a second life. In turn, that can mean significant long-term cost savings for your business.

You’ll also be thrilled with how fuel-efficient Cat industrial engines can make your bottom line look so much better. Cat Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB technology diesel engines are designed to minimize fuel consumption while meeting the toughest emissions standards. You’ll enjoy a lower cost of ownership without sacrificing the performance you expect from the Caterpillar name.